monique stauder BIO


MONIQUE STAUDER is a Swiss-American documentary historian and artist with a resume that spans the globe.  

Her photojournalistic work has appeared in TIME, Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, National Geographic, GEO and Mother Jones among others.  

Initiated by her academic desire to humanise political science in 1993, her dedication to investigative reporting and documenting the complexities of ethnic nationalism took her from the camps of Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka to the island nation of East Timor and from the Balkans to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan on behalf of international humanitarian Non Governmental Organisations and international editorial publications.  

Subsequently she continued covering political, cultural and social stories in other parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Since her solo epic journey around the equator (2000-03) and its book publication (2010) she has shifted from editorial freelancing to long-term visual art projects and installations that create 'living continuum maps' of the inner and outer worlds

She is tri-lingual (english, french, spanish) and holds a double Masters Degree in International Relations and History from the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva, Switzerland (associated with Fletcher School at TUFTS University, Boston) and was a 1990 graduate in History from the University of Colorado.  

Her black & white equatorial odyssey and subsequent unique double flip book, LATITUDE ZERO, (forewards by acclaimed American novelist, Paul Theroux) chronicles the interconnectivity of humanity and nature around the earth’s edge while hallmarking her raw and poetic style, fusing photojournalism with fine art.  

LATITUDE ZERO was published in 2010 by Schilt Publishing (Amsterdam) and distributed worldwide by Thames & Hudson (London) until 2014.  

LIMITED EDITIONS are still available through publisher's comes in a beautiful slipcase with an 8”x10” print of the signature image ‘odyssey’ (both book & print are signed and numbered, currently at #36/100)... 

The German co-edition, published by Benteli Verlag located in Bern, Switzerland won the SILVER award in Germany's photo book competition 2011... 

STAUDER was a guest speaker at a TEDx conference in Hong Kong entitled ‘EXPLORE’, and select Latitude Zero images won 1st in Photo District News (PDN) Best of Photojournalism 2010... profiled this epic journey with a forward by Paul Theroux in January 2004...,31813,2019167,00.html 

The site won 2nd @ NPPA Best of Photojournalism 2005  

The Royal Geographic Society in Hong Kong and Explorer’s Club in New York City presented it as a lecture & slideshow in Dec 2004 & Jan 2005 respectively. The Telluride Mountain Film Festival equally profiled it in May 2004 as well in a gallery exhibit during their May 2015 festival.  

In addition, LATITUDE ZERO has been globally exhibited in various venues in NYC, Amsterdam, Bogota, Bangkok and Kinshasa.